Hello, I’m Brigitte

About Me pages are always a little weird. A bio about you, written BY you? How objective is that? I decided to go the other way and ask other people what they think about me. True, they're mostly friends and colleagues so they aren't exactly impartial. But I still figured they can't love me as much as I love myself. So, here goes...


"The only thing that outshines Brigitte's kindness is her sense of humor and quick wit." Justin, Graphic Designer & Buddy Who Tolerates Me

"She's the light hearted and funny person you need in a room to make it all the more fun." Diana, Charming Friend & Digital Investment Specialist at Canvas

"Her personable attitude and good sense of humor makes her easy to trust and talk to. Most of all, she's caring of her friends and family and doesn't get caught up in drama that doesn't matter." Christina, Cousin & Scrappy AE

"She's the kind of friend who has a witty, quirky sense of humor so you laugh nonstop when you're around her. She keeps it 100% honest and has a no bullshit policy especially when giving advice. She'll work her ass off until the job is done and done right. She's humbled and doesn't expect anything in return" Ramiro, Non-Professional Motivator and Badass Account Supervisor at Wieden Kennedy



The Book Shop                                                               2014 - 2017

California State University, Northridge (CSUN)               2013

  • B.A., Communication & Marketing